VERSAILLES, Ky. (FOX 56) – A local restaurant has a new sign, courtesy of one of its favorite patrons. It’s a sign made with love, and it holds the story of a well-known Woodford County man.

The Woodford County community is mourning the loss of Darrell young, a man known for his artistic designs and passion for people.

Even after his passing, part of him lives on through the many signs he left behind.  Young passed away from lung cancer recently but was determined to design a brand-new sign for his favorite restaurant, “Callie’s Homestyle Restaurant”.

Even as his health began to dwindle, he stopped at nothing to finish the sign. His daughter Jonna Bryant said it was part of his character, putting others above himself.

“I know he’ll be missed. This sign, the last sign by DL Young, there are no words for how important and how special that is. Daddy loved this place. He was here every day. He lived in Woodford County his whole life, so it’s just absolutely beautiful all the relationships he built,” Bryant said.

Restaurant owner Judy Martin said she made many memories with Young in the restaurant. The community well knew him, and seeing his final gift means the world to her and the staff.

“Every time we pull up and see it, we see Darrell. He’ll always be a part of us. Every time we see it, we’re going to think of him. We just love him,” Martin said.

The Callie’s sign is just one of the many projects Young was involved in. Most signs in Woodford County were designed by him.

He was known not only for his design skills but also his drive to help others.

“The thing that he talked about the most with people whether he knew you for 40 years or three seconds was ‘do you have a relationship with the Lord. He cared deeply. He loved deeply and he gave freely, over and over,” Bryant said.