LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – It’s java time. Fall weather is back in Lexington with the cool mornings and all.

Lexington is home to quite a few coffee shops and coffee trends so you can be sure to find the perfect one for you. Including some that have gotten some national attention.

In recognition of National Coffee Day, FOX 56 scanned over Yelp and compiled some of the most well-rated coffee shops in Lexington. The list features locally owned and operated shops from all over Lexington.

Old School Coffee 4.9

Old School Coffee was previously featured on Yelp’s 100 best coffee shops in the United States, based on the ratings and recommendations from Yelp’s community of reviewers.

Located at 380 South Mill Street, the coffee shop has a 4.9-star rating with 89 reviews.

Reviewers mentioned the quality of the coffee and the comfortable environment.

“We loved walking through the old school house while drinking our coffee!” one wrote.

High on Art & Coffee 4.9

High on Art & Coffee is a coffee shop, and a local art and clothing store. The

Located at 523 East High Street the shop has a 4.9-star rating with 73 reviews.

Users on Yelp highlighted the variety of coffee and other drinks offered as well as the large assortment of local art featured and for sale.

“It’s definitely a coffee lovers dream with the options- there’s more than enough but not an overwhelming oh my goodness what do I get type feel. They serve a variety of tea, Italian sodas, pastries, sandwiches, desserts etc- I only wish I came hungry too!” a user wrote.

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Chocolate Holler 4.7

Chocolate Holler, a hot chocolate shop, is a coffee shop for those who aren’t in love with coffee.

Located on 400 Old Vine Street the shop has a 4.7 rating from the 119 reviews it has collected on Yelp.

Reviewers highlighted the hot chocolate flights, chocolate chai, and mochas.

I think I found my new favorite place in Lexington: Chocolate Holler, or as I like to enthusiastically say, Chocolate HOLLA!” a guest wrote.

A Cup of Common Wealth 4.6

A Cup of Common Wealth is a coffee shop with a purpose. According to its website, the business wants to serve fresh mugs and help Lexington, while reducing its environmental footprint.

By collaborating with nonprofits and individuals to help create a culture of activism for the planet, reads its website.

Common wealth has two locations in Lexington, but the original location on 105 Eastern Ave. made today’s list with 175 reviews averaging a 4.6 rating.

People mentioned the Pay it Forward wall, the hot chocolate and mocha, and the friendly baristas.

 “Boy oh boy was that the best coffee and brownie I’ve ever had,” someone wrote.

Boomwagon Bikes and Cafe (120) 4.6

Boomwagon operates a bike shop and a cafe that hopes to be a hub for the community.

“The Boomwagon Cafe is a powerhouse with just about anything you need to wake up, satisfy the gullet, or relax the nerves after a long ride or a tough day at work… Add wifi, ample seating, a sunny courtyard with picnic tables and food/flower gardens, with a kid and pet friendly atmosphere,” reads the Boomwagon website.

Located at 802 North Limestone Street the shop has a 4.6 rating with 120 reviews.

Reviewers mentioned the vegan options, creative menu, and atmosphere.

“DELICIOUS food! Hip location with bike shop in front and cafe in the back. Lovely patio for outdoor seating,” someone wrote.

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North Lime Coffee & Donuts 4.5

North Lime Coffee & Donuts is easily the most rated coffee shop in all of Lexington with over 300 reviews.

This Kentucky chain has a total of four locations, two in Lexington (Limestone and Clays Mill) and two in Louisville (Old Louisville and Westport). The Limestone location is in Grey Line Station on 101 West Loudon Ave. and has collected 307 reviews, coming out to a 4.5 rating.

Those rating North Lime Coffe & Donuts mentioned the variety of vegan, non-vegan, and gluten-free doughnuts, the chai, and a large amount of sitting space.

“Really loved the atmosphere, great selection of donuts & the coffee was strong!” wrote a reviewer.

Third Street Stuff & Coffee 4.4

The Lexington and Tranvsylavnia University staple Third Street Stuff & Coffee was named the Best Coffe Shop in Kentucky by Business Insider.

The brightly colored garishly painted and decorated business on 257 North Limestone is dripping with personality which helped secure its 4.4 rating from 165 reviewers on Yelp.

People highlighted the atmosphere, the vegan options, and the snack options.

“I could spend hours and hours inside of this shop looking at everything. The art is cool, they sell a bunch of cool stuff, there is crap (in the coolest sense) all over the place. It is absolute sensory overload, but in the best way ever,” someone wrote.

Lussi Brown Coffee Bar 4.4

Lussi Brown Coffee Bar serves their coffee dark and strong in the mornings and their cocktails just as strong.

“In the mid-19th century, poison was a slang for alcoholic drinks. Lussi Brown is the first and only coffee bar in Lexington offering coffee & tea cocktails. Since coffee is an upper and alcohol is a downer, you usually have to pick one or the other (your poison). We’re simply saying you don’t have to choose between the two, balance your life out and we’ll serve them together!” reads its website.

Located at 114 Church Street the coffee bar has a 4.4 rating with 62 reviews.

People liked the nonstandard menu, the boozy coffee options, and the alcoholic and nonalcoholic Undertow.

“The most unique coffee menu you’ll find in lexington! From turmeric lattes to boozy drinks you will find a drink for any type,” someone wrote.

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Coffee Times Coffee House 4.3

Coffee Times has been a part of the Lexington community since 1983 and prides itself on coffee options, history, and in-house roasted coffee beans.

Located at 2571 Regency Road Lexington the coffee shop has racked up 135 reviews resulting in a 4.3 rating on Yelp.

Guests wrote about the in-house roasted coffee beans and the friendly staff.

“Was surprised to find out they also roasted their own coffee. It was delicious and the pastries were exceptional. Had to buy some whole coffee beans to bring home with me,” one reviewer wrote.