LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A fraternity at the University of Kentucky is raising money for their housemother who lost her home in a fire.

UK senior Antonio Jones, an active member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity, said house mother Chasity Conley goes outside the box when it comes to helping care for their home away from home.

“Chastity is the house mother that will go above and beyond the means of being the house mother. She’ll take care of you like your own mother. Like I said, for example, she’ll paint the walls, re-stain the tiles, clean the house when it’s not needed,” said Jones. “She’s wonderful, she’s more than just a house mom I’d say.”

Earlier this month Conley’s home in Bath County was struck by a car and caught fire, making it unlivable.


“She didn’t know what to do. She’s not the type to ask for help, so, the GoFundMe was there for that purpose to help out because she’s the type to do it all on her own,” Jones said.

Members of Sigma Nu started a GoFundMe page, which has already reached its goal of $5,000.

“It’s more about helping her out in a time of need because she helps us out when we don’t ask, she helps us out when we do ask. So, surpassing the goal makes me, and I am sure it makes all of the guys in the fraternity feel good but overall were just trying to keep going, because we’d do anything to help her out,” Jones said.

Jones said they will be holding a fundraiser and hosting a concert in their backyard to continue helping their second mother in any way they can.