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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – UK graduate Joey Bradley lived in Russia and most recently lived in Ukraine for two years before coming back to Lexington in December for the holidays. Bradley’s vacation quickly turned into a longer-term stay after receiving warnings that an attack in Ukraine was imminent.

Bradley describes Kiev and Ukraine as a whole as a beautiful place with friendly people. He said it’s devastating to see the place he once called home being destroyed. Bradley tries to keep in contact with his friends still in Ukraine but said cell service is a challenge. He said the men he knew stayed behind to fight while some of the women fled to safety.

Bradley said he isn’t sure when he might be able to return home and is unsure if there will be anything to return to.

“Words can’t really describe it, it’s like seeing another reality that’s going on at the same time because it doesn’t look real but unfortunately it is real. Everyone has been displaced and no one is able to enjoy life. A week ago people were going to cafes, going to parks, they were traveling and now they’re all essentially stranded or have escaped and they’re fighting for their lives,” said Bradley.

Bradley is raising funds for the people of Ukraine to help them during these difficult times. For more information on that visit