LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A night of fun turns into a night of terror for University of Kentucky students.

Shots were fired at a house on University Avenue near campus on Wednesday, sending one student to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. Several other students had injuries from shrapnel and debris.

Less than 24 hours later, UK senior Caroline Younkin gave her recount of what happened just houses down from her home.

“It was really scary. I was out with some friends, so I wasn’t on the street when it happened,” Younkin said. “So we arrived and were like, ‘What’s going on?’ There were police everywhere, and flashing lights, our ride couldn’t drop us off, they had to drop us off down the street.”

Younkin said Wednesday was the first time many fraternities and sororities were able to have parties again, and for such a scary incident to happen on a night of occasion feels unreal.

“I think the main thing is you don’t think it would happen to you until it does, you don’t think it would happen near you or in your town, city, until it does,” Younkin said.

Younkin did not know anyone at the party but said she and her friends were quick to help the chaotic situation.

“There were girls outside, and we were offering help. We told the girls they could come inside. There were girls with cuts on their legs, from chards or glass, so we were just offering help to anyone who needed it, but we didn’t know anyone,” Younkin said. “We offered to bring girls water, we told girls they could come sit inside and calm down, but everyone just wanted to get out of the area.”

On Thursday, UK’s Public Relations team held a zoom conference to explain how the fight escalated.

Joe Monroe, UK Police Chief said, “We don’t believe that they were targeting any individual, they believe that the individuals showed up because there was a party going on.”

Youngkin said she doesn’t think having outside guests at a UK party is a problem, but she does feel a new sense of precaution.

“It’s unfortunate,” Younkin said. “Just being extra cautious, staying with your friends, and knowing who you’re hanging out with I guess.”

University of Kentucky Vice President for Student Success J. Kirsten Turner sent a message to UK students Thursday, urging the students to take advantage of the campus’ resources starting with UK alerts, to mental health and crisis support phone lines.

To receive support, please call TRACS (Triage, Referral, Assistance, and Crisis Support) at 859-21-TRACS (859-218-7227), complete this form, or visit the office in person on the third floor of the east wing of the Gatton Student Center.

UK also directs students to their new online chat and therapy platform, Talkspace – #1 Rated Online Therapy, 1 Million+ Users, to speak with someone if they’re feeling anxious.