LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The start of the fall semester is still more than two months away. But there’s already concern about what UK students will find when they return to campus.

The University of Kentucky will have a record number of returning and incoming students this fall. That means students and parents should be prepared for a housing crunch.

“This coming fall and we’ll know for sure in August and September, but we expect 63, 64, maybe even 6500 students,” spokesperson Jay Blanton said.


That would be a record number of freshmen. As many as 400 more than UK had last year. That’s raising concerns about supply and demand.

“We’ve been thinking about different options because another thing families have been telling us is they want more pricing options. They want more flexibility. So, as you know, we’ve built several new residence halls, 14 in the last four or five years alone,” Blanton said.

The housing office has been struggling to assign students to a room and now officials say they have become more creative with a tri-it option.

“Where we’re taking some of our two-bedroom suites now and having three, three people live in those two-bedroom suites. We bunk one of the rooms, have bunk beds in one of the rooms at extra dressers for clothing and other items and amenities,” Blanton said.

New options, cheaper alternative

“In the bunked rooms, we’re going to discount to both sides. So in the bunked room, the discount for the students living there will be about $2,000, and for the person in the single part room, the other room, that’ll be about $500,” Blanton said.

Despite the housing issues UK is committed to having new students live on campus.

“You’re more likely to have a higher GPA. You’re more likely to graduate on time. You’re more likely to get involved in student organizations and more quickly develop sort of those deep relationships and attachments that make the college experience what it should be,” Blanton said.