LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A University of Kentucky fan and graduate is asking the community for help.

Kevin Massey has been in a wheelchair since he was 16 due to a brain tumor. Big Blue Nation has been there for him throughout his whole journey, and now, he needs its help with getting a standing wheelchair and a service dog.

Once a three-sport player, Kevin has always been a lover of basketball.

When coach Calipari heard about Kevin’s diagnosis, Calipari put him on the UK men’s basketball team as a student manager. This lit a spark in him, and Kevin now helps coach basketball at his former high school in Indiana.

“What I want to do is be there for kids that may not be in my situation, but I can impact their lives in more than just basketball,” said Kevin.

Kevin was diagnosed with pontine glioma and had a brain hemorrhage at age 16, resulting in him not being able to walk and making free throws much more difficult.

After 13 years of being confined in a wheelchair, Kevin has the opportunity to be able to stand again with a special wheelchair that would cost $10,000.

“Standing up at eye-level with my players seems like more of a sense of respect unconsciously, and just even when I’m out around crowds of people, people can hear me a little bit better and not have to bend down to talk to me,” said Kevin.

His mom Ruth said she’s excited about the health benefits that a standing chair will bring.

“Just being able to get up and help with the circulation and his breathing. Sitting slunchy all the time instead of standing, it will really help him open up,” said Ruth.

The Masseys are also asking for the community’s help with raising money for a service dog. Sadly, Kevin lost his first service dog Aria in December 2022

His sister Marissa said bringing a four-legged companion back into his life would take stress off the whole family.


“The service dog could also go and alert people if something were to happen. I think there was an instance where he fell out of his chair, and she just sat there and barked until people came. So, it’s just like that extra sense of security for us as well,” said Marissa.

The family has stood by each other throughout Kevin’s journey, but they’re at the point where they have to ask for help to make Kevin’s life easier — something his mom said was hard to do. But, the results will be worth it.

“What it’s going to do, it’s going to give him the possibility to make his dream come true of being more independent,” said Ruth.

The Masseys are hoping to raise $10,000 for a new standing wheelchair and $3,000 for a service dog. To donate and help Kevin on his journey, head to the family’s GoFundMe.