LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Mental health resources have been made available to UK students who are still trying to process Wednesday’s off-campus shooting.

The new hub the school introduced this fall will serve as a place for drop-in counseling services. A partnership with “Talk Space” will provide online text or video chat therapy options for students.

Talk Space will allow all 33,000 students the ability to have two live sessions per month with a therapist.

University officials want students to realize they are not alone.

“And I think one of the things that I am constantly telling students is that you might think you are alone in this but I promise you a lot of your friends are feeling the same way. It is just hard to be the first one to speak up and say actually I am not okay. We have this cultural norm of someone asking how you are and you say, I’m fine, I’m okay, whatever that default response is and I think it is partly allowing students to recognize that almost everyone that may interact with is experiencing some sort of stress,” said Associate Vice-president for Student Well-Being Corrine Williams.

Williams told FOX 56 that UK is in the process of identifying the students at the off-campus event to let them know about the support options the University has available.