LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The victim of a violent carjacking Monday remains in the ICU and in stable condition.

According to police, David DiLeonardo was the second man Steven Sheangshang shot, as a part of his getaway for fatally shooting Deputy Caleb Conley.

Sheangshang followed DiLeonardo home to his apartment above Rose & Jim’s Bar and Grill, shot him twice in the abdomen, and stole his Ford Bronco.

It’s now been a few days since this bar and grill became a crime scene, and there are now GoFundMe flyers posted everywhere, promoting love and support for Dileonardo.

Jimalou Bayes, the owner of Jim & Rose Bar and Grill, has known DiLeonardo for the 18 years he’s lived there.

“Dave usually is a stay-to-himself kind of guy,” Bayes said. “He follows his strict routine. He is a veteran. He works for Toyota on road and rail.”

Bayes said DiLeonardo helps her out around the restaurant and takes care of his cats, and his Ford Bronco, which he bought less than a year ago.

“That was his prized possession,” Bayes said. “He’s worked his whole life just to have a nice vehicle.”

But on his way home from work Monday, DiLeonardo’s prized possession became the target for a fugitive’s next getaway car.

Bayes said there was so much traffic on I-75 Monday, that DiLeonardo even called a neighbor and said how bad it was and that he was stuck.

Sheangshang was behind DiLeonardo’s Bronco, and Bayes believes he followed him to get out of the traffic.

“Best I can figure, he sees a moving vehicle and he thinks maybe this dude’s going to come in and have a beer,” Bayes said. “What are the odds that the one guy you follow actually lives back here?”

DiLeonardo parked in front of his apartment and that is when he was shot by Sheangshang as he stepped out of his Bronco.

Bayes said as of Thursday, DiLeonardo is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.

In the meantime, she and Dileonardo’s co-workers at Toyota are trying to figure out how to get his Bronco back and help with his hospital bills through a GoFundMe.


“Because it’ll be kept in evidence for we don’t know how long,” Bayes said. “So he’s losing money, not working, and we all know his bills are still coming in.”

Bayes said, “We’re his family. We’re not going to let the darkness overshadow the light. It’s our community that comes together in the light of tragedy to make something good happen. that’s how we as humans. I think that’s the best way for us to heal over things like this.”

Rose & Jim’s have also planned a benefit event on July 8. The benefit will not only help DiLeonardo, but Deputy Caleb Conley’s family as well. There will be a bike ride with the American Legion Post 303, a cornhole tournament, auction and raffle items, and live music.