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RICHMOND, Ky. (FOX 56) – Home is oftentimes regarded as a safe place full of family memories, but for Wesley Morgan, those feelings may never return.

“He stole our home because we can’t stay here. The trauma, the knowing what he did to my daughter upstairs, I can’t live with it,” said Wesley.

Morgan sat down with FOX 56 to recount the early morning hours of Feb. 22 when a gunman, now identified by police as 23-year-old Shannon Gilday, entered the family’s home through 32-year-old Jordan Morgan’s living quarters, and murdered her.


“She was laying in bed. He killed her for absolutely no reason, killed her for nothing,” Wesley stated.

After hearing shots being fired upstairs, Wesley opened the door of his bedroom to see who was in their home. By that time, Gilday had made his way down the stairs and opened fire on Wesley.

“I just opened this like this, and when I opened I saw him right there, and then he opened up on me and shot me three times,” said Wesley.

Morgan then retreated to the opposite side of his bed in the master suite, where his wife and 14-year-old daughter were located, grabbed a gun from his nightstand, and started returning fire at the intruder.

“I’ve been shot three times, I’m bleeding profusely, I know my daughter’s been killed because there’s no other explanation for the shots that I heard and I’m trying to interdict him before he kills us all,” Morgan said.

Wesley said he was eventually able to call 911 and believes that’s what scared the intruder off and out the front door.

Now, after the situation out of a nightmare has ended, Wesley turned to blame himself for the tragedy.

“I blame myself all my life because ultimately when you go to your father’s house and you stay all night do you not feel secure because you’re in bed at your father’s house? That’s what a parent is supposed to do is provide security and safety for their family and their home. I failed to do that, I failed her miserably and I got to live with that for the rest of my life and I’ll never get over it, ever. She died for nothing,” said Wesley.

Wesley also blames the media for making a big deal out of the doomsday bunker, which is what police said Gilday was seeking, as well as his career in politics.

“I would give my life if I had never had anything to do with politics because it’s ultimately what led to this,” Morgan stated.

Now, life goes on for Wesley and his family, but he can’t help but think of how fragile and unfair life can be.

“Jordan is supposed to bury me, I’m not supposed to bury her.”