LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The sixth-annual Holiday Lights Drive began on Tuesday.

This yearly event allows Lexington to recycle used lights, batteries, and other electronics.

Lexington recycled almost 3,000 pounds of electronics in 2022. According to officials, the program has prevented more than 10,000 pounds of electronics from entering landfills.

Holiday lights cannot go in curbside recycling bins or mixed recycling dumpsters. They get tangled in equipment, causing delays and damage at the recycling center, while batteries present a fire hazard.


Collection bins will be available beginning Tuesday, Nov. 21, at the following drop-off locations:

  • Crank & Boom Clays Mill, 3101 Clays Mill Rd. Suite 301
  • Crank & Boom Distillery District, 1210 Manchester St.
  • Dunbar Community Center, 545 N. Upper St.
  • Good Foods Co-op, 455 Southland Dr.
  • John’s Run/Walk Shop, 317 S. Ashland Ave.
  • John’s Run/Walk Shop, 3735 Palomar Centre Dr.
  • Lexington Senior Center, 195 Life Lane
  • Pemberton’s Greenhouses, 555 Keller Ct.
  • Tates Creek Community Center, 3460 Campus Way
  • West Sixth Brewing, 501 W. Sixth St.
  • Wild Birds Unlimited, 152 N. Locust Hill Dr.

The collection will end on Jan. 14, 2024.