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WINCHESTER, Ky. (FOX 56) — For golfers, there’s nothing like a hole-in-one, but members of the Winchester Country Club said celebrating this Winchester staple is even better.

“We have members that have been here since Col. Cecil like 1985, or my father who’s been working here since 1975, and, then we have people who have been members here since the 60s. There’s just a wealth of knowledge and tradition around this place,” said PGA professional Robbie Baldwin.

It’s not just the rich history. Ask anyone there, and they’ll say it’s the team effort of the staff and the board members who understand the passion for the sport in the community.

Bobby Baldwin is a former professional and Robbie’s father. He said it’s been a delight to see how far the club has come, thanks to the staff and board members making it possible.

“To be surrounded by such great people in and of itself has really kept the passion and the burning going. It’s been a great club with a great community atmosphere,” Bobby said.

In that 100 years, Winchester has seen a lot change. Members who have been with the club for a long time said the impact this country club has on the community is something that won’t stop, and this story is still being written.

“Churches have come and gone. Businesses have come and gone. People have come and gone, but this has been right here since 1916 and was incorporated in 1923. We’ve redone the greens, we’ve had good groundskeepers, and so I see it as very viable. More importantly, now is we’ve changed another generation of board members who are bringing new energy,” said member Jerry Cecil.

Robbie has spent the majority of his life with this club, and he says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“To grow up here, to work under my dad on the golf course and in the pro shop, to live 40 years of the history of the Winchester Country Club, is something I’m very, very thankful for,” Robbie said.