LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The man facing charges for the killing of a Scott County deputy wasn’t alone when he allegedly committed a spree of crimes in multiple states.

Steven Sheangshang, 45, and Monica Lee Hardin, 44, were indicted Tuesday by the Clermont County grand jury in Ohio for the following:

  • Two counts of breaking and entering
  • One count of grand theft of a motor vehicle
  • One count of theft from a protected class (elderly)

According to the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, the indictments stem from two separate incidents that occurred in May.

On May 19, deputies responded to a residence in the 3000 block of State Route 133 where numerous tools were stolen from a detached garage. Later that day, deputies were dispatched to a residence in the 5000 block of State Route 132 where a vehicle was stolen from a detached garage. Police began to search for a red SUV in connection with the theft.

Sheanshang was arrested on May 22 in Lexington, where he remains in custody for charges in both Fayette and Scott counties including assault, burglary, and the murder of a police officer. Witnesses say he was not alone.

Marcia Taylor was taking a nap with her fiance when the pair entered their Lexington residence. Taylor said a gunshot woke them both up and when they came out of their bedroom, Sheangshang was inside their house with a woman he claimed was his wife.

“She had blonde hair and glasses. She was crying,” Taylor said.

Kristen Gonzalez, Hardin’s public defender, confirmed Hardin was the woman with Sheanshang that day, and witnessed the shooting and killing of Scott County deputy Caleb Conley.

“It’s my understanding that she actually tried to interfere and put a stop to the shooting before it happened,” Gonzalez told FOX 56 News. “Her relationship with him, at least at some point, was that of a significant other. However, there are a lot of questions and issues as to whether she was in a healthy relationship or whether this relationship had turned abusive.”

Taylor said she saw Hardin come out and get arrested. Then the police went inside and captured Sheangshang.


According to the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, Hardin was questioned about the incidents in Clermont County, with the assistance of Versailles Police, and admitted to being with Sheangshang during the commission of both offenses. 

Hardin was arrested on May 30 in Franklin County in relation to the Ohio charges, where she remains in custody awaiting extradition to Clermont County.

Gonzalez told FOX 56 News Hardin did not actively participate in the crimes allegedly committed by Sheangshang and that it was not clear if she would be charged as an accomplice.