LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – “Farm-to-table” and “buying local” are just a couple of popular phrases currently trending as The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is hosting “Farm Fresh Days”.

As part of its “Kentucky Proud” program, “Farm Fresh Days” runs from Aug. 13 through Aug. 22 and features restaurants all over the Commonwealth, specifically 25 in central Kentucky.

Among the 25 restaurants is Lexington’s farm-to-table restaurant, The Sage Rabbit.

John Foster is the co-owner and chef at The Sage Rabbit, and for almost 35 years, he said he has sourced local ingredients for his culinary creations.

“It’s never failed me. I’ve always had great luck with it. People respond to it,” Foster said.

Still working with local farmers to this day, as well as blending all their products into delicious dishes, Foster has created a grilled, summer vegetable pasta dish as one of six specials participating in Farm Fresh Day’s program.

“This dish is about 90% local,” Foster said. “We make our pasta in-house and for the most part, all the vegetables are grilled, are from here. The chicken is local organic free-range from Elmwood stock farm, the flowers come from Wiesenberger for our pasta, the eggs come from Leo Keene which is our garlic man as well.”

Fosters said all the ingredients come from within 50 to 100 miles of the restaurant, and he said it’s interesting that the purchasing prices have not gone up.

“A lot of commodities from out of state have gone up in price, the local people have stayed right on price,” Foster said.

With just five days left of the “Farm Fresh Days”, Foster is encouraging people to dine out and try one of many dishes that promote the passion and the blood, sweat, and tears of Kentucky farmers.

“My rant’s always been, ‘You gotta keep local, to keep people in business, to keep your neighbors in business, to keep the money in the community,’ but also because it’s better product. The product we’re getting locally is far superior than anything out of town,” Foster added.

To see the participating restaurants in Farm Fresh Days, click here: Kentucky Proud – Farm Fresh Days.