SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) – It’s been 11 days since 35-year-old Deputy Caleb Conley was killed while conducting a traffic stop in Georgetown.

On Thursday, officers from across Kentucky and loved ones came to pay their final respects to Conley, at Scott County High School, where his funeral service was held.

Many came with heavy hearts and questions as to why Conley was taken so soon.


However, throughout the funeral service, many repeatedly shared that Conley was not afraid of dying; he was afraid of not living.

Sgt. Robert Tackett with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office said, “There’s no telling how many lives were saved by Conley patrolling these streets. It was a hell of a thing to witness a man live out his calling and dream on a daily basis. I’ll tell you what. Something to watch at man work. All of us here knew Caleb not only lived a hero but died a hero.

Conley’s mother, Jolene Conley, shared how from a young age, he knew he wanted to go into law enforcement. She shared a story of him as a boy playing the role of a cop with his sister.

“He would have her ride her bicycle so fast, so he could pull her over,” Conley said. “He would then proceed to write her a ticket. Before doing so, though, he would stand there with his arms resting on his toy gun and proceed to chew her out for excessive speed on his roadway.”

Conley was known not only for his sense of humor, but he was also known as a loving father of two children and husband to his wife Rachel, who he’d been married to for ten years.

Rachel Conley asked that everyone honor the memory of her husband by living by his example.

“If you can take anything positive away from all of this I ask each of you to strive to be more like Caleb,” Conley said. “We should all try to give more laugh more and love more, just like he did. Caleb, it has been an honor and a privilege loving you. You have served us well. I’ll take it from here.”

Deputy Conley’s final resting place will be in his hometown of Cynthiana at the Battle Grove Cemetery.

For anybody wanting to pay their respects, the Scott County Sheriff’s Office asks for contributions to be made to help out Conley’s family, which can be done through the Field and Main Bank in Scott County.