MT. STERLING, Ky. (FOX 56) – In just two short weeks, Montgomery County’s 4-H Culinary Team will head to Dallas, Texas to represent Kentucky in the National Culinary Competition.

The contest combines cooking, food diversity, and food science to show kids that healthy living can be fun, creative, and tasty.

“We all do different things, and we always want to be the best at whatever we do,” said Tanner Campbell.

Campbell is a team leader alongside Breonica McKinney. They direct teammates Paul Bryant and Luke Baker. Don’t let their age fool you. The high school students’ talent can be summed up in two words: chef’s kiss.

The National Culinary Competition is similar to the TV show “Chopped.” The young chefs are given a basket with three to five mystery ingredients. They have 40 minutes to think of a recipe, cook the dish, and write a speech about the meal’s nutritional value and cost.

“We are all nervous, but I think we can all win this competition because we really want it,” said Campbell.

The young chefs are only allowed to compete at 4-H Nationals once, so they have one chance to smoke their competition. Making sure it all pans out is Coach Lee Etta Greer and Mentor Lance Munday.

“One thing I truly believe makes them a great team and sets them apart from other teams is their leadership skills,” said Munday. “I know when it comes down to it, they’re going to be on point and know exactly what to do.”

The only thing standing in between the team and Texas right now is money.

The trip isn’t cheap, so they’re asking for donations to offset the cost. If you would like to help, donations can be mailed to the Montgomery County 4-H Extension Office (106 East Locust St., Mt. Sterling, KY 40353).