LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — It’s been nearly a month since a Lexington father went missing.

Josh Woodhams left home the night of June 17 with only his phone and wallet and hasn’t been heard from since. As the days go by, his wife, Krystal Woodhams, fears the case is losing the momentum needed to bring her husband home.

His wife says this would be out of character for her husband: “he’s never done anything like this before.”

It’s believed he left home on an orange mongoose mountain bike; his wife told FOX 56 News this was confirmed from surveillance footage and corroborated by cellphone data the night of his disappearance.

  • Around 2:20 a.m. Woodhams was spotted via surveillance footage at the Speedway on Richmond Road at the I-75 South entrance
  • At 2:30 a.m. his phone was within a three-mile radius of I-75 at exit 104 in Lexington.
  • At 3 a.m. his phone was within a three-mile radius of the Clays Ferry Bridge.

Surveillance video showed Woodhams wearing a red T-shirt the night of his disappearance. It was previously believed he left home in a black Ohio State T-shirt. The bike has not been located.

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Police have conducted extensive searches for the missing father around his last whereabouts. Krystal said this consisted of helicopters, K-9s, drones, and geothermal tracking, but their searches have come up empty. They even conducted their own searches on foot with the help of friends, family, and church members while handing out flyers.

FOX 56 reached out to Lexington Police for an update on their investigation but has not yet heard back.

“We’ve been handing out flyers since the first week, “Krystal said. “I’ll still grab one and hand it out if I feel like it might help. ”

“They have also searched down at the River near the Clays Ferry Bridge since there was a data pull in that area,” Krystal said. “Nothing.”


There has been no activity in Woodhams’ bank account or on his phone since the night of his disappearance.

“We just want him home safe,” Krystal told FOX 56 News. “We miss him.”

A GoFundMe has been organized by extended family to help the family with living expenses while they continue to search for their husband and father.

The family still believes Josh could have been heading south down I-75, possibly in the Athens or Knoxville area.

If you know where to find Josh Woodhams or have any information that could help the investigation, contact Lexington Police at 859-258-3600.