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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Hackers found a flaw in software inside many apps and websites we use every day including amazon and Twitter. Now IT companies are scrambling to update their cyber-security measures.

Advantage Technology, Computer technician, Joseph Justice tells FOX 56, the real threat from the flaw in the software is unknown at this time. He said it is major corporations that need to be on the lookout, not your day-to-day person.

“Regular people probably don’t have that much to worry about. But businesses this definitely opens up a bunch of avenues” Justice said.

Justice explains what’s called Log4j is used in millions of websites and apps on our phones. The software saves detailed information on what we do.

“Log4j is a logging system that developers use very commonly to create logs, so they can see when something goes wrong, it logs that information, then they can go back and see what is wrong with their software,” Justice said.

Companies like Amazon have already created patches, or have updated their security software to prevent hackers from obtaining information or shutting down their website.

“A big exploit like this is released, what makes it dangerous, is what are people going to do with it. No one knows how it is going to be used yet, but you can bet there are people in basements are figuring out how to exploit it” Justice said.

As a consumer, you should continue to update apps and software on your computer and smartphone, as the updates are the patches they are developing to protect our information.

“It’s not the kind of thing an end-user can deal with just yet, it’s more businesses need to keep an eye on it, and need to make sure they’re in a good position,” Justice said.