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MUNFORDVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) – England’s Stonehenge has stood for thousands of years, a mysterious and massive monument. There’s debate about who built it and why. But there’s no doubt who built Kentucky’s smaller-scaled version.

It’s the work of 87-year-old Chester Fryer, the former mayor of Munfordville.

In 2000, Fryer started bringing large stones to his ten-acre lot. He’s never been to the real Stonehenge, but the pictures on the computer rocked his world. After seeing the images, he says he felt compelled by unknown forces to recreate the ancient landmark.

“Sounds crazy, I know,” Fryer said. “Is it the magnetic pull or God or somebody else who wanted me to build it? I know it’s something special.”


So special that’s it become a tourist attraction.

He says there are 25 to 30 people who stop by every day. And he welcomes them, as long they don’t climb on the structures or leave trash. Kentucky’s Stonehenge is easy to find just off I-65.

Hazel Ramos and her family found the creation after reading about it on Google. “We like to find things like this. Some good memories for the family,” she said.

This Stonehenge doesn’t strictly follow the specifications of the original, but Fryman said he used a compass to place the stones in a way that ensures that precise shadows shine through the middle during the summer and winter solstices.

But Stonehenge is just part of his rock garden. There’s a large cross, cannons on a mock battlefield, and other rocks Fryer collected just because he likes their looks.

“I’ve just always liked rocks,” he said. “I walked over a thousand acres collecting these rocks.”


He did almost all of the work himself, moving the rocks with a tractor. He said he didn’t want someone else telling him how it should be done. He laments the fact that he doesn’t have the strength and energy to continue adding to his field of dreams.

“If I was young, I could really build something,” he said.

Some say the original Stonehenge is magical, but so is the one in Munfordville. It stacks up pretty well when it comes to curiosities and accomplishments.