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(NEXSTAR) – Heardle, the online music guessing game, has been acquired by streaming giant Spotify, the company announced Tuesday.

The daily trivia game, which debuted earlier this year, tasks players with identifying the name and artist of a song after hearing only a short snippet. Players who guess incorrectly, or choose to “skip,” can hear more of the song with each incorrect guess or skip. The game ends when a player submits the correct guess or fails to identify the song within six guesses or skips.

In other words, it’s “Name That Tune” for a new generation.

“We are always looking for innovative and playful ways to enhance music discovery and help artists reach new fans,” said Jeremy Erlich, the global head of music at Spotify, in a statement issued with Tuesday’s news release. “Heardle has proven to be a really fun way to connect millions of fans with songs they know and love and with new songs . . . and a way to compete with their friends as to who has the best musical knowledge.”

In the release, Spotify said the game would remain free to play, and the “look and feel” will also stay the same. A representative for Spotify told Nexstar on Tuesday that the company is planning to share more news on the possible expansion of the answer pool “in the near future.”

Heardle, which was developed by web designer in London, was inspired by the success of the daily word-guessing game Wordle, Variety reported. The game’s designer created the first version of Heardle in roughly a day, according to the outlet.

A representative for Spotify would not disclose details of the deal. But the inspiration for Heardle — Wordle — was purchased by The New York Times in January for somewhere in “the low seven figures,” the Times confirmed.