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Are HALO or UPPAbaby bassinet sheets better? 

When parents first bring their parents home, they will most likely be sleeping with their little one in the same room for the first several months. Parents must get a good night’s sleep knowing their baby is safe, comfortable and close by if they need them. Parents should get bassinet sheets that they feel are the best for their baby and help them feel cozy, secure and sleep well at night. 

Having a good sheet for the baby’s bassinet can soften their skin and help them feel comforted throughout the night. Bassinet sheets fit the baby’s bassinet mattress so parents do not worry about the sheets coming loose and putting the littles safety at harm. Both HALO and UPPAbaby have a good selection of baby bassinet sheets for parents to choose from with quality material and make to make sleeping at night an easier job.

HALO bassinet sheet 

With a good variety of bassinet sheets, the HALO brand gives parents some color choices to easily match their room if desired. These neutral colors will blend well with the decor and compliment it as well. The HALO bassinet sheets are all made with 100% cotton, which is soft and feels good to sleep on at night and with the cotton fabric, HALO also offers an organic sheet option as well. HALO’s bassinet sheets are tight fitting to the bassinet’s mattress so that there is no worry of the baby being in any harm and they have an envelope design that helps make sure it is extra secure. HALO offers different designs and even a waterproof option that can make cleaning up an easier process with any messes. 

HALO bassinet sheet pros

The bassinet sheets HALO  has are all very affordable, which gives parents to buy a couple if they choose to, and HALO has different color options from which to choose.  

HALO bassinet sheet cons

Some of these sheets are not waterproof, making any clean-up a little more difficult. Many of the sheets accommodate the HALO bassinet, so parents would need to make sure the sheet would be a good fit for their chosen bassinet.  

Best HALO bassinet sheet

Halo BassiNest Morning Mist Cotton Fitted Sheet

HALO BassiNest Morning Mist Cotton Fitted Sheet

This bassinet sheet has a simple design that will match most rooms and has a neutral color of heather grey. This pattern will complement your bedroom or the baby’s nursery as well. While this bassinet sheet fits the HALO bassinet swivel sleepers, hourglass mattress parents should check to see if this sheet can still fit their bassinet. This sheet is fitted, ensuring it won’t come loose with its envelope design. The morning mist sheet has 100% pre-shrunk cotton, making this machine-washable sheet easier to clean. Also, it has a year’s warranty if anything happens and parents need a replacement.

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UPPAbaby bassinet sheet

The UPPAbaby brand offers its customers a bassinet mattress cover that has a soft feel and tightly fits the mattress so that parents are not worried about anything loose. This soft fabric will make the baby feel more comfortable and achieve a good night’s sleep. The UPPAbaby mattress cover has a zipper that also helps parents know the cover is secure around the mattress and won’t come loose as the baby might move throughout the night. These bassinet covers come in neutral, light grey and white, making it easy to match the parents’ room or the baby’s nursery. This mattress cover accommodates UPPAbaby bassinets from the year 2018 to the present.

UPPAbaby bassinet sheet pros

The tight-fitting material of the UPPAbaby mattress cover helps parents know it will fit well and comes in neutral color choices. 

UPPAbaby bassinet sheet cons

This mattress cover is more expensive than the HALO bassinet sheets and limited to two options. This cover accommodates the UPPAbaby bassinets, so parents must check if their bassinet is compatible with the measurements. 

Best UPPAbaby bassinet sheet

UPPAbaby Mattress Cover for Bassinet

UPPAbaby Mattress Cover for Bassinet

This cover has a cozy knit material which makes the fabric feel soft and comfortable for the baby to sleep on. With machine washable material, this cover is easy to clean up from any accidents and should clean up well. This cover has a zipper making it secure for the baby to be safe at night while sleeping and is tight-fitting. This mattress cover comes in light grey and white. The color choices should easily match both the parents’ room and the baby’s nursery. This mattress cover is compatible with all the UPPAbaby bassinets of 2018 to the present.  With a 2-year warranty, parents have a longer time to replace if anything happens.

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Should you buy a HALO bassinet sheet or an UPPAbaby bassinet sheet? 

Both the UPPAbaby brand and the HALO brand have very different options when it comes to bassinet sheets. Overall, the HALO brand is the best choice due to its affordable price, allowing parents to purchase more than one if needed. Not only will parents get a good price, but they also get a good quality sheet. The HALO brand also has cotton blend material making it a comfortable night’s sleep for the baby, and different pattern options, allowing parents to choose one to complement their space. The HALO brand provides parents with different options, an affordable price and quality sheet materials, making it the best choice of bassinet sheets.

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