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Which nightstand with charging station is best?

Unless you are deliberately making an effort to lead a life which is as free as possible from owning and using consumer electronic devices, there is a pretty decent chance you have accumulated a decent collection of gadgets that enjoy daily or near daily use. Sure, you could try to find an outlet for your smartphone, headphones, tablets, smartwatch and whatever other devices, but why not consolidate them on a single nightstand equipped with a charging station? With an attractive Mid-Century Modern Brightech Madison Narrow Nightstand With Wireless Charging Station & USB Port, your devices can charge as you sleep without festooning your bedroom with seemingly countless cables.

What to know before you buy a nightstand with charging station

Charging output

While owning a nightstand which is equipped with a built-in charging station should provide you with both practical storage as well as fully powered devices, you would be understandably disappointed to discover that your gadgets were insufficiently charged upon waking up. As such, it is extremely important to consider the electrical needs of your most important mobile devices and whether your new nightstand is capable of charging them efficiently. 

For example, you should carefully consider whether any USB charging ports will possess enough power to charge your devices within a reasonable amount of time. One of the easiest ways to do so is to review the amperage rating of any USB ports in order to accurately determine its ability to charge a variety of devices.

Nightstands with charging stations can have USB charging ports which are rated between 1A and 5A, with each designation representing a subsequent increase in charging power and efficiency. While most users will be able to get away with a nightstand possessing at least 2.1A USB charging ports, a greater amperage rating means that your devices will be fully charged much quicker. Some models of nightstand with charging stations can even charge devices wirelessly and automatically detect the type of device for maximum efficiency.


References to “The Big Lebowski” aside, some consumers really do care significantly about particular items of furniture or decoration and whether they work well as a cohesive whole. If you are one such individual, you might be worried about having to decide between a nightstand with a charging station that looks good or one that charges your devices in your preferred fashion.

Fortunately for you, the selected models of nightstand with charging stations have been specifically selected to appeal to a wide range of aesthetic tastes while also retaining the utility and practicality of their intended purpose. Whether you are a dedicated fan of Mid Century Modern, want to deck out your farmhouse bedroom with a rustic unit or want something vintage and minimalist, these nightstands will likely fit the bill.

What to look for in a quality nightstand with charging station


While you might be purchasing a nightstand with a charging station just to stop yourself from tripping over another cable and accidentally launching your phone across the room again, you shouldn’t settle for a model that just does the bare minimum. For example, in addition to keeping your devices organized and charging, why not purchase a nightstand that also will protect any device or other objects stored inside from water, heat and other environmental dangers?

Furthermore, some people might want the ability to issue voice commands to a virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant without having to get out of bed, or be able to neatly store various items in hand drawers and compartments. Utilizing construction from damage resistant materials like melamine, P2 MDF and ceramic while incorporating some great and unexpected features, these nightstand with charging stations will look great in virtually any bedroom.

Number and types of chargers

Depending on just how many devices you need to charge on a nightly basis, purchasing a nightstand whose charging station only includes a couple of USB chargers simply won’t suffice. Furthermore, if your smartphone or other mobile devices are capable of receiving wireless charging, you should strongly consider purchasing a nightstand which allows you to do so.

As such, each of the selected models comes with the ability to charge at least four devices simultaneously using USB charging port as well as built-in wireless charging capabilities. For those of you who need a bit more power, some models of nightstand also come equipped with full power outlets installed within easy reach so you can accommodate power adapters of all sizes.

Easy assembly and installation process

If you have ever gone through the often infuriating process of assembling flat pack furniture with shoddy tools and upsetting non-specific instructions, you are likely not inclined to do so anytime soon. In addition, how often have you decided to go with a generic nightstand that fell apart within less than a year but still outside of the warranty, leaving you out of pocket and likely filled with justified frustration.

Because of unfortunate experiences like these, you should take care to select a nightstand with a charging station which is easy to assemble and is backed up by positive customer experiences. Finally, it is always a good idea to purchase a nightstand made by a company who will stand behind their product with a multi-year, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

How much you can expect to spend on a nightstand with charging station

Depending on your desired style and features as well as budgetary considerations, a quality nightstand with a charging station can cost $90-$110 and sometimes more.

Best nightstand with charging station FAQ

Does a wireless charger continue to use power if it is not charging a device?

A. In addition to being a less efficient method of charging devices than wired methods, some wireless chargers continue to emit small amounts of electricity when not being used. While this should pose no danger to you, it is worth noting that a small, continuous power drain can eventually lead to significant increases on your monthly electric bill.

Is it safe to leave chargers active without having a device plugged in?

A. Given that most chargers stop transmitting power when the device in question is removed, there should be relatively little risk of accident or injury. While electrical shorts are always potentially damaging, your unit should not be at risk of overloading unless it is currently in use.

What’s the best nightstand with charging station to buy?

Top nightstand with charging station

Mid Century Modern Brightech Madison Narrow Nightstand w. Wireless Charging Station & USB Port

Mid-Century Modern Brightech Madison Narrow Nightstand With Wireless Charging Station & USB Port

What you need to know: A handsome and capable nightstand, it has an impressively equipped charging station.

What you’ll love: This unit features options for charging four devices at once via USB, wireless charging and traditional plugs as well as a 9.5-watt power saving LED bulb with an estimated 20-year lifespan, features attractive design elements, compatibility with smart outlets for virtual assistants and a three-year warranty.

What you should consider: Users have reported issues such as an inability to use the wireless charging capabilities with any efficiency.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top nightstand with charging station for the money

Rolanstar Farmhouse Nightstand with Charging Station

Rolanstar Farmhouse Nightstand With Charging Station

What you need to know: This is an affordable and attractive nightstand with a charging station that has a rural charm. 

What you’ll love: This unit features a melamine-veneer table top that is heat resistant, waterproof and easy to clean, as well as two USB ports and two standard plug outlets. Setup is easy with a 30-minute installation process. It has a sliding drawer and pair of shelves behind the door, a weight capacity of 22 pounds and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

What you should consider: Users have reported issues with the factory screw holes being misaligned and having to make their own to finish assembly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

ADORNEVE Black Nightstand 3 Drawers with USB Port

ADORNEVE Black Nightstand 3 Drawers With USB Port

What you need to know: A minimalist nightstand with a charging station, it will fit well with almost any style of decor.

What you’ll love: This unit features two USB charging ports and two standard plug outlets complete with convenient power switch. It has three drawers with one open storage shelf and is constructed from sturdy P2 MDF with aluminum handles. 

What you should consider: Users have reported issues with factory defects including a lack of assembly parts as well as insufficiently sized parts.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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