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Which Marvel backpacks are best?

There are Marvel fans worldwide, and Marvel fans can also travel the world by getting an awesome Marvel backpack to carry with them. Whether you’re looking for a backpack to take to school or to hold everything on your next vacation, there’s a seemingly endless collection of backpacks that will allow you to show off your love for the Marvel Universe. The only difficult decision is figuring out which one to bring with you.

What to know before you buy a Marvel backpack

Adult backpacks vs. child backpacks

There’s no age limit when it comes to Marvel backpacks. Companies make backpacks featuring the Marvel superheroes for both children and adults. That means you need to check before you check out to ensure you’re not buying one that’s too big for your child or too small for you. The good news is that it’s very easy to tell the difference. Children’s backpacks feature more simple designs and brighter colors than adult backpacks. 

Collectible backpacks

Backpacks are now as much a fashion accessory as they are a carry-on. There is a large range of backpacks that are meant more for the style than for daily use. These backpacks are normally smaller, have fewer pockets and are among the most expensive on the market (since they’re considered collectible). Many of these have incredible designs, though, so if you’re looking for something that makes a big impact and you don’t have a lot to carry, they’re still worth considering.

Lack of accessories

Gone are the days when every backpack came with a Thermos and a lunchbox. Most Marvel backpacks don’t come with any kind of accessories whatsoever. Some companies make wallets and cardholders that match their backpacks, but they have to be purchased separately. However, those are by no means necessary to get the most out of your Marvel backpack.

What to look for in a quality Marvel backpack

Design features

The best Marvel backpacks will stand out in a crowd and proudly proclaim your fandom to everyone. Look for a design that takes your backpack to the next level. That could be one with a fantastic print or one modeled after your favorite Marvel superhero costume. There are even some that glow in the dark. A backpack with unique design features will not only turn heads but also be easier to find and harder to leave behind accidentally.

Storage pockets

A quality Marvel backpack will have enough pockets to hold anything that you need to take with you. It also needs to have a wide variety of pockets. There should be both interior and exterior pockets so that you can store the things you need to reach regularly, like a cell phone, without having to stop and open up the whole backpack. Zippered pockets to keep small things from falling out are also a major plus.

Durable construction

Backpacks need to be able to stand up to extended use, whether it’s being toted around all day or holding onto heavy textbooks or laptops. While a lot of branded backpacks look great, not all of them are made well. Look closely at product images to see what your Marvel backpack is made of and how it’s assembled. Avoid any backpack that looks too thin or has any straps or dangles that stick out because those may catch on something.

How much you can expect to spend on a Marvel backpack

The Marvel backpack price range goes from $30-$95. Regular backpacks are on the cheaper side, while collector backpacks are more expensive.

Marvel backpack FAQ

Which characters have Marvel backpacks?

A. Most Marvel backpacks feature characters who are part of the Avengers lineup, including Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Black Panther and Black Widow. Spider-Man is also a popular choice. Not every Marvel character is represented on a backpack, but fans can find the most well-known superheroes.

What are the Marvel backpack sizes?

A. There are different sizes of Marvel backpacks available. Standard size backpacks are the traditional size and shape. There are also mini backpacks that are several inches smaller and intended to be both functional and collectible. Mini backpacks are typically listed as such in the product description.

What’s the best Marvel backpack to buy?

Top Marvel backpack

Loungefly x Marvel Avengers iron Gauntlet Endgame Hero Mini Backpack

Loungefly x Marvel Avengers iron Gauntlet Endgame Hero Mini Backpack

What you need to know: This visually stunning Marvel backpack replicates the biggest moment from “Avengers: Endgame” while being sturdy enough for daily use.

What you’ll love: The best-looking Marvel backpack on the market, the Infinity Stones sparkle and give the design an extra pop. The backpack is made out of durable faux leather. The zipper pulls are tiny versions of Iron Man’s arc reactor.

What you should consider: This is one of the most expensive Marvel backpacks available and it is not a full-size backpack.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Marvel backpack for the money

Bioworld Captain Marvel Padded Strap Backpack

Bioworld Captain Marvel Padded Strap Backpack

What you need to know: This Marvel backpack has space for everything and enough pockets to keep it all sorted.

What you’ll love: It has over a half-dozen pockets. There are both interior and exterior pockets. The backpack has a dedicated sleeve for laptop storage. The straps are adjustable and padded for extended wear.

What you should consider: The boxy shape isn’t the most visually appealing. There’s no design on the inside.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bioworld Comic Book Universe Superheroes Backpack Set

Bioworld Comic Book Universe Superheroes Backpack Set

What you need to know: This Marvel backpack is great for kids or travelers on the go because it comes with everything you need for a day out.

What you’ll love: The backpack comes with a water bottle, lunch box with an ice pack and zippered utility pouch for storing smaller items. The lunch box can be attached to the outside of the backpack by an exterior clip. The print features most of the Avengers and Spider-Man.

What you should consider: The design may be too cartoony for adults. The backpack only has two main pockets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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