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When the seasons change and winter is on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to get your home prepared for snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Preparing the interior of your house for the cold can save money on energy bills and prevent costly repairs. The right tools for your home’s exterior can quickly and safely remove snow and ice for you and your guests. 

There are a lot of tips and ideas on how to winterize your home, and most are simple and affordable. The time to start is now. 

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How to winterize the inside of your home

  • Preventing heat from escaping is one of the first things to address when winterizing the inside of your house. Pipe insulation wraps around interior pipes to prevent freezing by keeping them warm when outside temperatures drop dangerously low. Attic tents cover the opening to the attic and keep it sealed, which ensures inside heat isn’t lost to the attic.
  • Controlling heat output can save money on utility bills and help your furnace work more efficiently. Programmable thermostats let you schedule when the temperature should be higher based on when people are in the house and awake, and they keep the temperature lower when no one is home or everyone is asleep. Space heaters let you keep the thermostat lower while you heat up one room where you spend lots of time. 

How to winterize the outside of your home

Removing snow and ice is an important responsibility during the winter. It keeps your home’s entryways safe. There are back-friendly snow shovels and roof rakes that reach your gutters to prevent ice jams and keep snow melt flowing on your roof. 

Weather stripping is an excellent way to keep your doors and windows sealed. Cold winds find their way through even the smallest gaps and can quickly lead to higher energy costs. 

Safety concerns during the winter

There are several safety products to consider during the winter months.

  • Chimney logs burn off dangerous creosote buildup in chimneys and prepare the opening for safely burning fires all season long.
  • Ice melt quickly removes slick spots on sidewalks and driveways. There are environment- and pet-friendly formulas.
  • Weather radios keep you connected to weather agencies and community emergency messages in the event of a power loss or severe storm. They can also be kept in your car.

It’s also a good idea to have your furnace inspected and tuned up every autumn to ensure it is working properly. This can prevent an emergency call on a bitterly cold day. Replacing your furnace filter regularly also keeps the furnace running efficiently. 

Best products to winterize your home

A large roll of clear tape

Frost King Clear Plastic Weather Seal Tape

This weather seal tape can be used inside or outdoors in subzero temperatures. It is transparent and can be used to seal air leaks or install storm windows. It comes in multiple widths and roll lengths. 

A gray box with a chimney cleaning firelog in it

Pine Mountain Creosote Buster Chimney Cleaning Fire Log

Tested and endorsed by First Alert, this log converts to gas when heated and breaks down creosote in your chimney. It can be used once per winter or every 40 fires. It is also approved by the Chimney Institute of America. 

A smart home thermostat with a blue display

Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat

This programmable Honeywell thermostat helps you heat your home when you’re there but save on energy bills when you’re away. It has an easy-to-read color touchscreen that can be controlled remotely with the Total Connect Comfort app. 


A bag of pet-friendly ice melt magnesium chloride pellets

Scotwood Industries Road Runner Pet Friendly Ice Melt

This is the ice melt for keeping your furry friends’ paws safe. Clear, odorless and designed not to be tracked inside, it doesn’t contain salt and is safe for sidewalks too. The pellets melt ice down to minus 15 degrees. 

a large roll of yellow pipe insulation

Thermwell Pipe Wrap Insulation

This foil-backed insulation prevents heat loss from your pipes during the coldest days. To apply, you simply unroll the insulation and wrap it around the pipes. The roll is 25 feet long. 

A small black space heater

Amazon Basics Personal Space Heater

This ceramic heater has an adjustable thermostat and three fan-speed options. With an overheating shut-off and tip-over switch for protection, it’s perfect for home offices, bedrooms or utility rooms. 

A yellow snow shovel with a black curved handle

True Temper Ergonomic Mountain Mover Snow Shovel

This 18-inch-wide shovel pushes or shovels snow with a 37-inch ergonomic handle designed to lessen the strain on your back. It has a nylon wear strip on the blade and an oversized grip for comfort. 

A green radio with lots of knobs on it with a smartphone plugged into it.

Eoxsmile NOAA Weather Radio

This National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather radio has seven preset weather bands and a solar crank shortwave radio with a telescopic antenna. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 13 hours. 

a stairway insulation cover shown at the top of an attic ladder

Dgsl Attic Stairway Insulation Cover

This attic insulation cover reflects 97% of radiant heat and prevents drafts to lower your energy bills. It measures 25 by 54 by 11 inches with easy zipper access. It also keeps dust and pollutants sealed off from your home. 

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