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Best desserts for Labor Day

Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and other grilled favorites — these are the foods that probably come to mind when you think of a Labor Day barbecue. However, when planning a barbecue for this year’s end-of-summer holiday, don’t forget to include some delicious desserts.

We asked our baking expert for advice to assist our readers in selecting the right desserts for their Labor Day celebrations. Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef Andrea Boudewijn weighed in on how to keep your summer dessert selection simple while satisfying your guests’ urge for something sweet after the main course.

What desserts are best for barbecues?

When it comes to a barbecue, certain desserts come to mind. Boudewijn said her favorite choices are classic options like Rice Krispie treats, brownies and pie. 

According to Boudewijn, these desserts are appealing and easy to take to a barbecue. “Rice Krispie treats are great because they’re a light dessert, easy to make, and durable for transport,” she said. “Brownies are easy to make and travel well. Pie, because you have to have pie at a barbecue!”

Considerations for choosing desserts for a barbecue

During a backyard barbecue, the focus is on the grill where classic grilled cuisine is prepared and served. When desserts are offered, they are typically made in advance and brought to the event to be served after the grilling is done. According to Boudewijn, serving desserts suitable for outdoor gatherings and keeping them fresh and spillproof are important steps. 

Here’s how she recommends you make that happen:

  1. Plan to have desserts that are safe to eat at room temperature.
  2. Wrap each dessert in plastic in a deli wrap style. Wrap it all the way over and under the bowl and plate then back around.
  3. Turn the dessert and do it a second time. When something is deli wrapped like this it won’t leak or spill, plus it keeps it extra fresh.

Tips for serving desserts at your Labor Day barbecue

Boudewijn said that when it comes to desserts for a barbecue, keeping it simple is the best plan. Following a few tips will make dessert time at this year’s Labor Day barbecue successful.

  • Handle items like toppings that need to be kept cool with care. According to Boudewijn, “whipped cream should be held in a dispenser inside a cooler and only dispensed right before serving.”
  • Some desserts should be kept out of direct sunlight. “Other things like icing on a cake are fine to eat at room temperature (they taste better at room temp too), but if set in direct sun, icing melts,” Boudewijn said.
  • Protect cool desserts in outdoor settings. “Keep cool desserts in the shade with a pop-up tent if needed.” 

Labor Day barbecue dessert recipes

Rice Krispie Treats

Yield: About fifteen 3-inch by 3-inch squares

3 tablespoons unsalted butter

10 ounces miniature marshmallows 

12 ounces Rice Krispies


1. Prepare a sheet pan with wax paper and lightly butter a rolling pin.

2. Combine butter and marshmallows in a pot and stir until melted.

3. Remove from heat and stir in Rice Krispies.

4. Spread the mixture evenly in the prepared sheet pan. Roll your buttered rolling pin over

the top to make an even layer.

5. Let cool, then use a knife or bench scraper to cut the dessert into squares.

6. Wrap the squares in plastic until they are ready to serve.


Yield: 16 brownies

¾ cup flour 

¾ cup sugar 

½ teaspoon baking soda 

2 tablespoons vegetable oil 

¼ cup butter 

2 tablespoons water 

2 eggs 

¼ teaspoon salt 

1 cup semisweet chocolate chips


1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F and butter an 8-inch by 8-inch baking pan

2. Combine flour, baking soda, and salt in a small bowl and set aside

3. In a small saucepan on low heat add butter, oil, water, and sugar. Stir and bring to a low

simmer, then remove from heat. Stir in chocolate chips

4. Transfer chocolate sauce to a large bowl and mix in eggs one at a time. Gradually add

flour and mix until they are fully combined.

5. Pour brownie mix into a baking pan.

6. Bake the mixture for 30 minutes then remove them from the oven to cool.

7. Cut, serve, and enjoy!

Best items for Labor Day barbecue desserts

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