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Benefits of having a lawn-free front yard

Lawn-free front yards are becoming increasingly popular, especially as a means of combating drought. They’re environmentally friendly, requiring less water and resources such as lawn mowers and pesticides to keep them going. A well-designed, lawn-free front yard can boost curb appeal while saving you the time, money and stress of maintaining real grass.

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Lawn-free front yard ideas

Grow ground cover plants

Ground cover plants creep and spread attractively; they can act as a colorful statement or soften the appearance of a lawn-free yard. They grow no more than 3 feet above the ground and are easy to care for, hindering weed growth and even improving the health of garden soil

Add garden plots and trees

Replacing a front lawn with garden plots or planters will bring splashes of color and visual variety to the yard. Planting young trees can provide shade and privacy while adding visual appeal.

Enhance the space with decor

Fairy gardens are trendy these days, adding magical and whimsical elements to the spaces they inhabit. Installing a fountain or bird bath can have a pretty effect, as well.

Fill your front yard with rocks

Incorporating stones, rocks and gravel can add texture and visual interest to a front yard. River stones and lava rocks are popular options that look great when paired with a paved stone walkway, ground cover or garden plots. Pebble gardens, in particular, help improve drainage and prevent soil erosion. 

Incorporate artificial flowers and greenery

Installing faux flowers and greenery will give you the look of a lush garden without the stress of caring for real plants. Along the same lines, artificial turf saves you the hassle of maintaining a grass lawn. High-quality, artificial outdoor plants look real and are made with materials designed to withstand the elements.

Turn your front lawn into an outdoor living room

Another alternative to a lawn-free front yard is to create a patio space for relaxing and spending time outdoors. Consider orienting patio furniture such as a sectional sofaloveseat or benches around a fire pit

Best landscaping rocks

white rocks

Midwest Hearth Decorative Polished White Stones

These white stones have a paraffin wax coating that enhances their color and shine. They measure 1-2 inches in length, available in 5- and 10-pound bags.

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CJGQ Natural River Rocks

CJGQ Natural River Rocks

These polished, multi-color river rocks offer attractive visual variety, ranging in length from 0.5 to 1 inch. They come in bags of various sizes from 1.8-18 pounds. If you’re not sold on the multi-color stones, they’re also available in polished black, white and black gravel styles.

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Black River Rocks

Royal Imports River Rocks

These landscaping pebbles have a subtle, natural-looking shine to them. They come in 5-pound bags with sizes ranging from 0.25-1.5 or 0.75-2 inches long. 

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gray lava stones

Midwest Hearth Natural Lava Stones

These volcanic rocks come in four sizes from 1-2 inches to 3-5 inches in length. Each box contains 10 pounds of rocks.

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red lava rocks

Skyflame Lava Rocks

These lava rocks stand out with their eye-catching red hue. Ranging in size from 3/8-3/4 inches to 1-2 inches, each bag contains 10 pounds of rocks. They’re also available in black.

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Best artificial landscaping rocks

a standalone tan landscape rock

Emsco Group Landscape Rock

This artificial landscaping rock is difficult to distinguish from natural rocks, thanks to its natural look and texture. You can place it over unattractive pipes, sprinkler valves and other fixtures to hide them from sight. They come with a sandstone or granite finish in 12 shapes and sizes.

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a brown landscape rock

Backyard X-Scapes Artificial Rock

The dark brown color of this fake landscaping rock blends nicely with brown mulch or garden soil. The realistic-looking hollow rock can cover unsightly fixtures. Available in sizes from 13-30 inches, this rock also comes in beige and red. 

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a line of fake rocks with plastic spikes on the bottom

Suncast Landscape Design Stone Edging

This artificial stone edging is perfect for lining garden beds or patios, creating a decorative border that looks natural. Each set comes with ten 12-inch-long sections.

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Best artificial turf and plants

Pet Grow PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug

Pet Grow PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug

This lush-looking synthetic turf mimics the look and feel of real glass, featuring four color tones and high-density artificial blades. It’s fire-retardant with drainage holes, so water won’t accumulate on the turf when it rains. The turf mat varies in size from 28 to 850 square feet.

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Turnmeon Fake Boston Fern

Turnmeon Fake Boston Fern

This set of artificial ferns has a bright green and soft yellow color scheme for an authentic appearance. You can adjust their length, with options including 8, 10 or 18 ferns in green or red.

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Fopamtri Fake Majesty Palm Plant

Fopamtri Fake Majesty Palm Plant

This life-like artificial palm plant can bring a tropical feel to your front yard. The multi-toned green exterior contributes to its realistic effect. It comes in sizes ranging from 2 to 4 feet high.

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artificial boxwood bushes

ArtBloom Outdoor Artificial Boxwood

This faux boxwood shrubbery can be placed in planter pots, along a walkway or as part of an artificial garden. The multi-toned greenery looks natural, but you can tell it’s fake when you feel it. In addition to boxwood shrubs, ArtBloom offers 14 other plant styles to choose from.

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purple artificial flowers

Grunyia Artificial Fake Flowers

These vibrant artificial flowers are great for placing in fake garden begs or displaying in planter pots. They seem natural until you touch them, with color variations and textures that contribute to the realistic effect. Available in bundles of 10, there are 16 color schemes to suit different preferences.

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