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Which Hot Wheels City playset should you buy?

Kids get tons of enjoyment from Hot Wheels toys. From cars and monster trucks to themed vehicles such as Batman and Mario Kart, the selection feels almost endless.

But the thing that really takes Hot Wheels to the next level is the tracks and sets. Hot Wheels City is just one line of tracks and sets available from the Hot Wheels brand. Using race tracks, loops and everything from airport terminals to fire stations, Hot Wheels sets like those in the City range provide hours of entertainment for kids.

What is a Hot Wheels City?

Hot Wheels makes toy cars and other vehicles for kids, though the toys are so popular that many adults buy them as collectibles, too. With a Hot Wheels City, kids get a structure on which they can play with their toy cars. Hot Wheels City is aimed at kids aged 3-8. After that, kids can move into the Action line for more complex structures and different themes.

Hot Wheels City sets mostly use animal themes and figures, including gorillas, dragons, and alligators. These characters are woven into structures such as parking garages and car washes. Often a roadway or slide is built into the structure, too.  

The best part about Hot Wheels sets is that they can connect to each other. Using gray tracks, you can easily link one City set to another, so kids can get even more enjoyment out of their toy cars.  

What to consider before buying a Hot Wheels City

There are over 90 Hot Wheels City sets to choose from. Before you buy, consider the following:

  • Age: The Hot Wheels City range is suitable for kids aged 3-8. Any younger and parts of the sets may be a choking hazard. For older kids, the sets may be too simplistic to hold their attention for long. 
  • Play and storage space: Some Hot Wheels sets are as much as three feet high. Add in some gray tracks and multiple City sets that connect together and it can take up a lot of floor space. If you want to be able to put the set away after play, make sure you have a storage space that can hold it. If you’re short on floor space, there are plenty of smaller City sets that won’t take up as much room. 
  • Interests: Try to figure out which set will keep your child entertained the most by matching it to their existing interests or favorite animals. Also, some kids prefer the racing element of Hot Wheels while others prefer the storytelling side. There are sets  that cater to all styles of play. 
  • Price: Hot Wheels City sets vary from $11.99 to $240.99, so you can pick up affordable sets or splash out on larger ones for special occasions. 

Best Hot Wheels City sets to buy

Best Hot Wheels City Robo T. Rex Ultimate Garage

Hot Wheels City Robo T. Rex Ultimate Garage

Park 100+ cars with this garage that sits over three feet tall, letting kids race their cars by riding them up the dual car elevator. One of the entertaining features of this model is its ability to perform high-speed elimination races where players race to escape a chasing T. rex.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hot Wheels City Ultimate Octo Car Wash

Hot Wheels City Ultimate Octo Car Wash

This car wash set has a real car wash function, a lift and a fun loop so kids can wash and dry their favorite cars. It can also be connected to an extra Hot Wheels track set for a riveting experience and is perfect for ages 4 and up.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hot Wheels City Robot Shark

Hot Wheels City Robot Shark

This city gives kids a thrilling experience by having to be fast enough to make it through the wave loop without being eaten by a large robotic shark. Designed for ages 5 and up, it’s great for developing motor skills and exercising the imagination.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Play Set

Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Play Set

If your kids want their imagination unlocked, this storytelling city means they’ll need to be heroes by launching their car to avoid the snake’s venomous bite. This playset is big, easy to reset and designed for kids 4 years or older.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hot Wheels City Super Twist Tire Shop Playset

Hot Wheels City Super Twist Tire Shop Playset

The tire shop set has a lift and three large wheels that rotate cars to the top, only for them to race back out on a curving track at high speeds. It also has a garage and refueling stop, making it great for connecting it to track playsets.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hot Wheels City Burger Drive-Thru Playset

Hot Wheels City Burger Drive-Thru Playset

This burger-themed drive-through playset twists cars to the top of a giant burger and races them down a ramp onto the floor or to a connected race track. It also helps with motor skills development as it requires a fast turn to get the best out of the car.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hot Wheels City Scorpion Flex Attack

Hot Wheels City Scorpion Flex Attack

This sneaky scorpion-style playset has a 2.5-foot loop that cars speed down to go through one of two escape routes from the police station. It comes with one car and creates limitless storytelling opportunities.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hot Wheels City Town Center

Hot Wheels City Town Center

This town center comes in a neat box with roadways and one car. Kids can navigate a new route each time as they weave in and out of buildings, tunnels, traffic lights and more.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hot Wheels Mattel Stunt & Splash Car Wash Playset

Hot Wheels Mattel Stunt & Splash Car Wash Playset

This car wash set requires water so that when cars are twisted up using its sign and vehicles are ready to go, they are washed, dried and polished as they move up. It has a removable water tray to prevent slippage and the car included with the set changes color under the water.

Sold by Amazon 

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