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Which Hatchimals Colleggtible is best?

Hatchimals Colleggtibles are both fun and interactive. When you purchase one of these adorable toys, the Hatchimal is resting inside an egg. The new owner will have to touch, rub and tap the egg in order for the Hatchimal to be coaxed out. Once the creature has hatched, the child can raise them and take care of them. These toys are collectible, with each egg being a new and exciting surprise.

The best Hatchimal Colleggtible is the Season 2 Egg Carton. This 12-pack of Hatchimal eggs includes a dozen surprise eggs plus two bonus limited-edition eggs.

What to know before you buy a Hatchimal Colleggtible

How to open a Hatchimal

Hatchimal Colleggtibles give your child the chance to learn about a life cycle. When you purchase an egg, your child is responsible for hatching the creature and raising it. To start the hatching process, you need to physically coax the Hatchimal out. To do this you’ll need to rub, tap and touch the egg. While the egg is in your hands, gently rub the heart until it turns from purple to pink. Once the pink color shows, it’s ready to hatch. From there, press the egg in order to crack it and reveal your surprise Hatchimal creature.

How to raise a Hatchimal

Hatchimals have five stages of life. You purchase them while they’re in the egg stage. Once they start pecking the shell, they’re in the hatching stage, which means you can start the hatching process. Once hatched, the Hatchimal will begin its life outside the shell. When it hatches, it will automatically be in one of three life stages: baby, toddler or kid. To check which stage your Hatchimal is in, simply press its belly and check the eye color. If you hear your creature giggling with yellow eyes, then it’s a baby. If you see purple eyes, that means it’s a toddler in “dance mode.” The last stage is red, which means your creature is a kid and will be in “tag mode.”

How many Hatchimal Colleggtibles are available

There are hundreds of Hatchimal Colleggtibles. These toys are released in seasons, and to date there have been nine seasons. To get an idea of just how many Hatchimal creatures there are, Season 1 saw over 70 new Hatchimals arrive on store shelves. Due to the collectible nature of these toys, there are rare, ultra-rare and limited edition creatures randomly placed in packs. The rarest Hatchimal Colleggtible is the Golden Hatchimal.

What to look for in a quality Hatchimal Colleggtible

Golden Hatchimal

This is the rarest Hatchimal Colleggtible you can find. Of the millions of Colleggtibles sold each year, there are only 55 Golden Hatchimals in existence. The color of the wings will tell you how rare your Colleggtible is. These colors include silver (common), pink (rare), purple (ultra-rare) and blue (limited edition). The Golden Hatchimal has gold wings and a shiny body and hails from the fictional world of Moonlight Mountain. If you are lucky enough to find a Golden Hatchimal, you can redeem it for other exclusive rewards. 


The highest-quality Hatchimal Colleggtibles will include a larger variety of eggs. These sets will not only give you a better chance of finding a rarity, but it will keep your child entertained for a longer period. The 12-pack Colleggtible set is the largest set you can buy. Most sets contain four eggs. Other sets will include only one egg but come with a playset that allows children to display and create a world for their hatched creatures.

Carrying case

Another hallmark of a high-quality Hatchimal Colleggtible set is a carrying case. The eggs and creatures themselves are quite small, so it’s likely your child will lose track of them occasionally. Carrying cases will keep them all in one place and allow your child to easily and safely transport them. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Hatchimal Colleggtible

Hatchimal Colleggtibles cost $22-$45.

Hatchimal Colleggtible FAQ

How long does it take for Hatchimal Colleggtibles to hatch?

A. The estimated time is between five and 40 minutes. However, most eggs will hatch within just a few minutes as long as you are touching the egg and providing warmth.

What’s the recommended age for Hatchimal Colleggtibles?

A. The recommended age range is 5 years and up. Younger children may not be able to understand the hatching process or be able to raise their Hatchimal correctly.

What’s the best Hatchimal Colleggtibles to buy?

Top Hatchimal Colleggtible

Hatchimal Season 2 Egg Carton

Hatchimal Season 2 Egg Carton

What you need to know: This is the largest collection of eggs you can buy in one set. With a dozen creature possibilities plus two bonus limited-edition eggs, this is a great way to boost your collection.

What you’ll love: These eggs come from the Season 2 collection and include Forest, Farm, Jungle, Garden and River themes. The bonus eggs come in a robin’s egg blue carton. 

What you should consider: This large quantity of eggs might not be suitable for beginners. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Hatchimal Colleggtible for the money

Hatchimal Colleggtibles basket

Hatchimal Colleggtibles basket

What you need to know: This collectible basket is the perfect gift for any child interested in getting into Hatchimals for the first time.

What you’ll love: The basket is spring themed, featuring flowers on the handle and yellow and pink colors. There are also six Hatchimal eggs included in this bundle.

What you should consider: Some children may not like the basket’s color scheme.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hatchimal Colleggtibles Coral Castle playset

Hatchimal Colleggtibles Coral Castle playset

What you need to know: This full-fledged playset is an Amazon exclusive.

What you’ll love: This underwater-themed playset features a treasure chest, full playset and two Colleggtible eggs. There’s also a pool you can fill with warm water and watch the Hatchimals change color.

What you should consider: This playset is not suitable for children younger than 5 years of age.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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