PARIS, Ky. (FOX 56) – The temperature is dropping, but the play is heating up as we head into Week Seven of the Kentucky High School football season. However, the Bourbon County Colonels are trying to stay afloat this season, and a win against Knox County on Friday could help.

“It’s been a real grind, an unexpected grind this year,” Bourbon County head football coach David Jones said.

“I had to beg players to come out and play so with this being their first year playing it’s been rough,” Colonels starting quarterback Clay Estes said.

The Colonels were basically dealt the worst poker hand ahead of the 2022-23 football season. Two starters were involved in a car accident that ended their season before the season even started.

It made matters worse a week later when five more starters were ruled out for the season after suffering injuries in Week One. All seven starters make up 90% of the offensive and defensive line.

“It’s frustrating seeing the guy I’ve played with by my side for almost six years be out and not playing with me,” Estes said.

“It’s been very difficult because we have seniors and juniors playing, but they’re first-year guys. These are guys that have never played in football games,” Jones said. “We’re just trying to teach them the ropes.”

The Colonels have only won one game through six weeks so far, so they spent their bye week back at ground zero, learning the fundamentals of football to teach the newer guys. It’s also been a chance for the tea to put together the pieces they were missing.


“The guys came to the realization that we need to get closer, so through this by week we started hanging out more,” Estes said. “We just have to start from the bottom. It’s a long process but the second half of the season is the most important.”

Bourbon County walked into the season ranked in the top ten of the Kentucky High School Preseason Polls, however, they’ve dropped 25 spots now sitting at No. 33 in Class 4A. However, the Colonels are keeping up their poker face hoping this season’s cards fall their way.

“They come in here with a great mindset,” Jones said. “We’re not giving up, we’re staying in these games and we keep fighting. That’s all we can ask of our guys.”

“We’re going to put this behind us,” Estes said. “We’re 0-0 right now and we’re looking to be 1-0 after this week.”