CYNTHIANA, Ky. (FOX 56) – The grueling grind of wrestling? Worth it, for those that want it bad enough.

Larry Jones, a former Scott County High School wrestler and a frequent pro circuit slammer, knows all about the sacrifice that goes into making it on the pro level. Now, he lends his time to helping aspiring wrestlers reach that level as well.

“I had an opportunity with my friend Max Sled to help make these ladies and gentlemen, these guys and girls, to have an even better path than I did,” Jones told FOX 56 Sports. “I know what my struggles were, we just decided let’s change that, let’s give them the tools to get there quicker than we did without the pain and the heartache.”

One of Jones’ quickest learners has been Alexis Littlefoot. She stepped inside the ropes in 2020. When the pandemic hit, she made the pivot. Now, the University of Kentucky graduate is flying off ropes, and up radars as her footprint in the wrestling community continues to grow.

“It’s actually something I’ve always wanted to do,” Littlefoot said. “I’ve loved wrestling for virtually half my life, and just really never had the opportunity. Went to college, got my degree, and finally just decided to chase my dream.”

The WWE Women’s Champion is Bianca Belair, he first Black superstar to hold a world title for more than 300 days in WWE history. It’s an important milestone as Littlefoot strives to make it a normal occurrence.

“I feel like wrestling is in a renaissance now, we have so many diverse characters and people that now look like me,” Littlefoot said. “I was a little girl at home watching wrestling on TV and didn’t really see too many girls, but they weren’t really shown or highlighted like they are today.”

The grind continues, until the flex is heard globally.