NEW YORK (FOX 56) – The Kentucky football program sent a number of players from last year’s team to the NFL this season, through the draft or signed as undrafted free agents. Yusuf Corker is one of those guys impressing at the next level.

Corker was signed by the New York Giants as an undrafted free agent shortly after the NFL draft ended, and has since made the most of his opportunity as he looks to make the final roster at the end of August.

“Some of my goals for this preseason are to show the team that I’m a good tackler, a smart player and hopefully get some more turnovers in the preseason,” Corker said, who racked up 241 tackles in his four years with the Wildcats.

He joked to his teammates during last weekend’s practice that he was going to force a turnover during the team scrimmage and he called it right, snagging an interception that caught the eye of his coaches.

The former Kentucky safety was the quarterback of the defense in Lexington and hopes to do the same for the Giants behind starting safeties Zavier McKinney and Julian Love.

McKinney wears the Green Dot, which is the radio bug in the helmet used for calling plays on defense. Corker said he will wear the Green Dot for the second and third teams in Thursday’s preseason opener against the Patriots.

“That just comes with always having questions, asking the vets when you’re on the sideline taking mental reps so when you get in there you make the most of your opportunities showing that hey I’ve been paying attention I’ve been learning I’ve been working because you won’t get many reps so once you mess up, you’re out of there,” Corker said.

Corker’s first official game action can come in the New York Giants’ first preseason game on Thursday at 7 p.m. against the New England Patriots.