LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — What a way to start the first full week of November! Temperatures are set to run a good 10 to almost 20 degrees warmer than average during the day for the first half of the week.

That warmth is short-lived, as a cold front brings much-needed rain back into the mix in the second half of the week.

Monday was nice. Highs hit the low to mid-70s for most, with plenty of sunshine and gusty southwest winds.

This trend drops lows into the upper 50s overnight as a weak cold front brushes the area into Election Day.


High temperatures will head back to the low 70s under a mostly cloudy sky. A few stray showers or some spotty drizzle will be possible, especially in the northern half of the state on Tuesday. Most won’t see any measurable rainfall.

Wednesday looks like the best day to tie, if not break, the record high of 77 degrees that we set on November 8th back in 2020.


It will be a very warm and breezy day, with wind gusts from the southwest over 30 mph. We’ll see more clouds form due to the surge in moisture ahead of the cold front that changes everything into the weekend.

Temperatures tumble as the cold front moves in. Highs fall back near average into the upper 50s Friday and beyond. Thursday is a transitional day as the cold show kicks in with plenty of scattered rain chances during the day.


Scattered rain will continue into Friday as well. The latest trends show southern parts of the state have a higher likelihood of getting more than 1/2” of rain. Most will see a trace of 1/4” at best.