LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Cold, cloudy, and gray. A stereotypical Monday to start the week feeling sluggish and slow. The good news is the sunshine returns on Tuesday. Too bad a midweek winter storm will quickly turn us back to that cold, wet, breezy feeling.

It’s another one of those near-miss situations. We’ll either get the lot or be stuck under the cold rain. Either way, Wednesday will be busy.

Monday night we’ll fall into the 20s as clouds clear into Tuesday. We’ll get to see the sunshine Tuesday as temps head back into the 40s. It’ll be one of the nicest days of the week.

Winter Alerts in place for midweek winter storm

Late Tuesday night, a strong storm moves across the southern plains into the Ohio River Valley. This storm has already prompted winter storm watches, advisories, and warnings, but none are in effect in Kentucky.

Overnight Tuesday, we’ll see a strong line of moisture bring rain and snow. The tricky part is, the Lexington metro is right on the edge of no snow or all snow. Northern KY will have a good chance at some accumulation.


Latest Snowfall Forecast for Wednesday morning
Rain/Snow Chance Wednesday Morning

Rain tries to turn to snow early Wednesday morning. If temperatures cooperate, we’ll see a shot at a few inches. Confidence is higher for mostly a cold rain with some mixing precipitation. The Wednesday morning commute will have the highest impact.

All of Kentucky turns back over to rain Wednesday as warm air surges through. We’re looking at a good 1/2” to 1” of rain for most everyone Wednesday.

Wraparound moisture puts us back onto the snow showers game. At best, a light dusting of snow to minor grassy accumulations will be possible Thursday. Those snow showers will linger into early Friday before we dry out into the weekend.

Another wave is likely to end the weekend though, with more rain and possibly some snow. We’ll iron out those details later in the week so check back!