LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The weather couldn’t have been better for this November Election Day. High temperatures made it to the mid-70s again thanks to the clouds clearing through the early afternoon.

We’ve got one more day of warmth before the rain and wind cool us back to average Thursday and beyond.

Overnight, clouds will increase again with a slim chance for a few stray sprinkles. Lows will hit the upper 50s.

Wednesday will be warm and breezy as a warm front surges northeast. High temperatures have a good chance to hit the upper 70s and we might even see a few 80s on the map.

This puts us on record watch. In 2020, we set a high temperature record of 77 degrees on November 8th in Lexington.

Winds will be a big factor in how warm temperatures get. Gusty winds actually help temperatures climb further as the warmer air mixes out in the lower levels of the atmosphere.

Winds will be from the southwest at 10 to 20 mph, with gusts of 30+ mph in the afternoon. Overnight into Thursday, as the cold front approaches, gusts will be 35+ mph.

Thursday is when the rain chances begin. As a cold front pushes in we’ll see some scattered showers develop across central Kentucky.

The latest trends have heavier rainfall staying across southern Kentucky and into northern Tennessee Thursday night and into Friday.

Rainfall totals will be below 1/4” for most, with higher totals at 1/2”+ in southern KY through this event, which wraps up Friday evening.

Into the weekend, temperatures will drop into the 50s during the day and the 30s overnight, with winds from the west-northwest keeping things chilly.