LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Cold, breezy, snow. We had each one — on a Monday nonetheless. The coldest air is yet to come, before spring tries to work back into the forecast before the week is up.

The next big thing — a hard freeze. Outdoor plants, bushes and trees that have begun to bud need to be covered the next few nights. Overnight lows drop well below freezing Tuesday and Wednesday morning. T

The mid to low 20s, and even the upper teens hit a thermometer near you. Daytime high temperatures stay below average too until Thursday. We’ll see one shot at 60 before the cold takes over again.


Snow flurries will be possible overnight Monday and into Tuesday afternoon. No accumulation is expected, but as we saw early Monday morning, some minor dustings may take place.

Precipitation goes quiet Wednesday and Thursday before rain takes over Friday morning. A few flurries will also be possible into the weekend as tempetures fall back below average.