LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — It was perfect out there Thursday. Gorgeous temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and light winds all made for a wonderful Thursday. Now we must turn out attention to a massive spring storm that will bring severe weather to the Commonwealth.

The entire state is highlighted by the chance for severe thunderstorms late Friday. Far western Kentucky is in a level 4, of 5, risk for widespread damaging severe storms.

That threat continues into the level 3 zone highlighted in orange. These storms will be weakening as they move toward central and eastern Kentucky, but the chance for them to remain severe is moderate, so we remain in the level 2 and 1 risk zone as we progress east.


These storms will be particularly dangerous when they fire up in the central plains. Large, long-lasting tornadoes will be possible in the highest risk zones, including very far western counties in Kentucky.

As storms progress east, the risk for tornadoes does weaken significantly, but spin-ups can’t be ruled out through the entirety of the storm. Damaging wind gusts are also a major concern, especially in western Kentucky.

Again, as these storms progress east into, central Kentucky and eastern Kentucky, the wind gust threat will be diminishing, but there is still a chance we see severe gusts from this line. Timing is the biggest concern for central and eastern Kentucky.

These storms will enter the Commonwealth after 8 p.m. They will reach the I-65 line by 10 p.m. and move into the I-75 line around midnight. They’ll work into eastern Kentucky after 2 a.m. This is a concern since people will likely be asleep, so turn alerts on before heading to bed.

On the other side of these storms, strong, non-t-storm wind gusts in excess of 55 mph will be likely into Saturday.

Finally, things quiet down come Sunday with lows in the morning around 30 and highs in the afternoon in the upper 50s.

There is already an area of the Commonwealth highlighted for severe storms again next Tuesday. Something you’ll want to check back in on for details as we near closer.